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Sandra & Shalani
Our Darling Cuz... we are so happy for you both and super excited to spend the day with you! Enjoy these special moments leading up to your wedding, the day itself, and of course the life the two of you will build together afterwards.... we are blessed to be part of your journey! Much love xxx
Sally Cornish
Thank you for this beautifully put together invitation. I can't wait for this special day and to be one of your witnesses for your marriage. May you have a long blessed marriage. God bless Aunty Sally xxx
Chris & DJ
So excited for your wedding! There better be some Star Wars coming into the mix... xx
Boone & Tessa
Looking forward to sharing in your special day, Carol and Brent! Carol, it's been wonderful to watch you grow into a lovely young woman since we got to know you when you were in Pre-Primary!
Jaco and I cant wait!
Bruce and Hazel (Dad and Mom)
Thank you for this wonderful invitation and to be able to witness your relationship this far. We are so looking forward to sharing your special day with you and celebrating your marriage. Your story was lovely and very well put together. Have a very special day together and may the rest of your life together be blessed. Dad and Mom xxx
Melissa Torr
So excited to watch you two amazing people become one! Can't wait!! ....and they lived happily ever after!